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Our journey

We began in 2005 as a motion graphics studio. With a diverse background in programming, design, visual effects, and live events, our natural curiosity inspired us to merge these disciplines.

Today, we are a top provider of creative technology solutions that seamlessly connect stories, spaces, and people for some of the world's leading brands and institutions.


We value: integrity, transparency, inclusion, innovation, creativity & collaboration.

These principles guide us in every project, keeping us dedicated, curious, insightful, and experienced.


We believe curiosity, collaboration and creativity are fundamental in finding the best direction for every project.

Our flexible approach aligns everyone from the start, so we can work quickly and effectively, ensuring we consistently exceed expectations and deliver unforgettable results.



We value your time. We also understand that sometimes things have to happen fast. We collaborate closely and nimbly with your team, quickly developing and iterating on ideas and approaches for execution. We create rapid proof of concept prototypes to validate and test the boundaries of technology. This process guides our creativity within limits and ensures the final product is reliable, solid and beyond expectations.


Adaptability & Innovation

At the core of Meld is an insatiable curiosity and a pioneering spirit that gives us our edge in creating unique experiences. We thrive on new technologies and continuously adapt to the evolving digital landscape. Our commitment to curiosity, creativity, and collaboration drives us to enhance project outcomes with innovative tools and techniques, constantly evaluating and integrating fresh processes to create groundbreaking results with predictability.


Considerate Budget Management

We understand the constraints of tight budgets and the importance of fixed allocations. That's why we focus on defining project scopes clearly from the start and build flexibility into budgets to accommodate potential changes. We commit to early and frequent communication, ensuring that if surprises do arise, they're never about the budget. We prefer to keep the unexpected thrills for our experiences and predictability for our budgets.


Quality Across All Stages

Our commitment to excellence is absolute at every stage. We are meticulous with attention to every detail, from the initial planning to the final delivery. This dedication ensures that each project component meets our rigorous standards. Beyond just polish, we delight the senses with irresistible design and interactions, offering rich and engaging sensory encounters that stir emotions. Above all, our immersive storytelling transports audiences, delivering unforgettable experiences.


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