Cadillac XT4
Immersive Installation

Unveiling the Cadillac XT4: Meld Media, Pixel Pusher, and Isobar agency introduced the Cadillac XT4 through an immersive digital experience that beautifully captured Wonder, Thrills, Power, and Adventure.


Interaction Design, Motion Design


Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver






Elevating the XT4 launch with design and technology

For the launch of the all-new Cadillac XT4 in Canada, Isobar aimed to transform the introduction through an innovative blend of technology and design. The goal - create a direct connection to the car, and evoke emotional responses in the audience reflective of Wonder, Thrills, Power, and Adventure. Working together with Pixel Pusher and Isobar agency, Meld Media played a key role in this innovative approach, taking the XT4 launch beyond traditional boundaries and into major Canadian retail spaces.


Transforming a vehicle launch into an unforgettable journey of discovery

Isobar's concept was to take people on a journey. They aimed to create a space where visitors could step into the world of XT4 and leave behind the busy holiday hustle. Visitors could experience the car by touching it, and each interaction would trigger surprising visuals and sounds on the screen. This made the experience more than just a visual spectacle; it became an unforgettable experience of connection, wonder, thrill, and luxury.


Crafting narratives of wonder with interactive technology

To bring this creative vision to life, Meld Media stepped in with solutions and skills in making interactive visuals that react and stir emotions. With an LED Volume as our canvas, TouchDesigner, along with Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion sensors, made it so visitors could discover the XT4's character just by touching it. Meld's and Pixel Pusher's creative tech expertise brought to life Isobar's creative story, inviting people to explore themes of wonder, thrills, power, and adventure with just a touch.


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“Working with Ken and the team at Meld has been an absolute pleasure. They are reliable, highly skilled and dedicated to true client happiness. Their ability to balance the technical build, while keeping user experience top of mind is effective in driving a superior level of confidence in the final product. They care deeply about your success and you can always count on them, no matter the challenge you put in front of them.”

Mark Stewart
President & Chief Innovation Officer
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