Philip J. Currie
Interactive Exhibits

Interactive exhibit design and production for Philip J. Currie Museum


UX, UI, Design, Development, Animation


Grand Prairie, Alberta


Riech + Petch / Design Foundation




A collaboration with Reich + Petch and Design Foundation

Meld worked with Reich + Petch and the Design Foundation of Toronto to realize multiple interactive exhibits in the brand-new Philip J. Currie Museum in Grand Prairie, Alberta. The work spanned vivid 2D and 3D animations, augmented reality and motion graphics, bringing to life the age of dinosaurs and the lush flora and fauna of the region.


Communicating complex narratives in a simple manner

The goal was to communicate the many ways in which the planet and the life forms on it have undergone tremendous change over the millennia. Complex stories were told with simple interactive exhibits and interfaces supporting accessibility and ease of use for all ages. Buttons, dials and simple grab handles proved to be engaging, with low maintenance and longevity.


Beautiful, scientificaly accurate and engaging

Meld collaborated with The Design Foundation on a multi-faceted production strategy that involved developing Augmented Reality (AR) Stations and multiple interactive exhibits throughout the museum.  AR stations brought skeletons to life, while The Reef Interactive was a key project that took guests on an underwater journey through the Devonian ear Western Interior Seaway. Another project, the Continental Drift morph, used animation to illustrate the transformative journey of the continents. The Oil and Gas interactive was another important project that broke down complex processes into engaging, understandable content.



The museum was recognized both for its excellence in exhibition by the Canadian Museums Association and as the Best New Museum by Conde Nast Traveller in 2015.

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